26 February 2014


Too much music for individual posts --> My friends, it's time to introduce to BINGE#. That is, a collection of Hungry Drums recent Soundcloud likes that deserve to be in your ears. Go on, binge to your hearts content. Plus get excited with me about publishing over 50 posts and hitting over 1000 page views! Woop woop!


Listen to this cover of Bruce Springsteen's 1986 'I'm On Fire' it's really good. 

25 February 2014


Really enjoying these remixes of Rosie Lowe today. Have no clue about their back stories, they are just really enjoyable.

22 February 2014


*Newbie Alert* 

Nick Hakim has been likened to early Bon Iver - but where Vernon encapsulated the woods, Hakim produces a kind of lonely urbanity throughout his music. His debut album 'Where Will We Go' is coming out this Spring: 

“Where Will We Go stamps a point in time that I was dealing with death within my family and community, the questioning of religion…there’s just a lot of different elements. I guess, it’s just a young kid trying to figure out what’s going on."

And yes, I have uploaded all three released songs, because they are THAT GOOD.


I love everything about this track (yes, even Lil Wayne). YG, Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj all rapping about being bff's.

21 February 2014


Trippy Turtle has "moisturised beats, splashy synths and bubbly sample droplets that continue to drip like a tap throughout the entirety of ‘Wet’" (Purple Sneakers). All I can say is: TURTLE ON THAT BOOTAY.

20 February 2014


Here is the first installment of Estelle's upcoming "Love & Happiness Vol. 3 How Stella Got Her Groove Back" to be released later in the year. 
I love kittens.

19 February 2014


Mickael Kiwanuka is the perfect accompaniment to a mid afternoon snooze. He has just released his next single (on Jack White's Third Man Record Label) along with a contrasting video. If you're into easy, bluesy, soulful sounds listen to Kiwanuka. I rate this man VERY highly.

17 February 2014


A day in the sun, with yo friends, on the beach, in the holidays?? That's exactly what I'll be doing today (may also include ciders and bike injuries) and these are my go-to, ultimate fun time, tracks that have proven to stand the test of time.

16 February 2014


Queen Bey's single 'Drunk in Love' is perfection. Two ridiculously good remixes were released today. One valentine Kimye mix and one raunchy (as usual) Weeknd magic.


It was the 10 year anniversary of Kanye's 'The College Dropout' release last week. Here is some gold behind the scene's footage captured by Coodie Simmons, of 'Never Let Me Down' in the making. Heads up for 2:40 Pharrell loses it (and I got goosebumps) - Debut Ye is so wonderful.

15 February 2014


Perth friends at Pilerats released their first Compilation album for free download/stream. So much unreleased gold; perfect for a straight up party mix.


YES. One of those musicians that have you grinning, like a kid in the toy section of Harrods, within the first ten seconds of a track. He makes you click follow and ♥ once you've been knocked out of your harmonic daydream 30 seconds in after you've woken up the whole office (for me) saying "SO GOOD" perhaps a little too loudly. You know its gonna get good for Hozier. Here's the single off of his debut EP 'Take me to Church' and his most recent release.

14 February 2014

For the Lovers AND the Haters.

13 February 2014


Cloud Control released their new video for 'Moon Rabbit' a couple of days ago. Here are my thoughts:
1. When I first listened to this track I thought they were singing 'Unagi' instead of 'mooooooon rabbit'. Must've been hungry.
2. The floating heads deja vu-ed me back to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Video.
3. Where are all the rabbits?!
4. These guys are a happy place.


Louis Futon matched this killer Gambino song with chilled out head boppin beats. Go on, treat yourself.

12 February 2014


Went to see this guy last Saturday night. Was so good my ears were still hurting 48 hrs later. The only downer was that Earl was a no show.
Thank you Canvas.


Really really digging Dugong Jr's soundcloud page. He does some mad remixes.

11 February 2014


Banks covered The Weeknd's 'What You Need'. Continuing to prove that she is the next big thang. This is how I imagine I sound singing-a-long to House of Balloons. Life is better as a dreamer.

10 February 2014


This past week has marked the 50th anniversary for The Beatles' first televised performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Watch Lauryn Hill (Bob Marley's daughter-in-law), The Artic Monkeys and The Flaming Lips all doing tributes.


can you tell I'm a little excited?

07 February 2014


Iggy Azealia realeased the first single off of her album due out April - 'Fancy'. It's great fun. It's fun when Charli XCX features. Charli was extra fun when she sampled Gold Panda in 2013. They are a fun pair.

06 February 2014


Here's another song (like track 'Us') that I keep finding myself coming back to. And it never disappoints.


It's that time in the year where Summer holidays quickly disappear and, for myself, Uni goes back. Listening to Yellerkin's new EP took me to my best friends little blue car bailing on our semster one classes - to go the beach, or to go eat wedges, or to watch bad tv - you get the picture. I liked this EP because it took me to a happy place. That's what I think music's job is.

05 February 2014


Jagwar Ma released a new clip to 'Uncertainty' from their 2013 debut Howlin'. Makes me want to go swag out.

04 February 2014


Big Boi (in prep for Outkast touring?) has mashed his track 'Gossip' from album, Viscious Lies and Dangerous Rumours, with 1977 song 'Godzilla' by Blue Oyster Cult. I love that BB loves the 70's. 


Where did this guy come from?! I want to go find his parents just to say thank you. Special mention to the Retrograde Rework at 0.49

03 February 2014


Mount Kimbie have remixed Kelis. And have done a pretty darn good job at that.

01 February 2014


Three years since 'All We Grow' was released, S. Carey is releasing his next full-length April 1st 2014 :) Carey is more commonly known for his work with living-legend Justin Vernon who together form Bon Iver. This is my favourite work they do together in the studio from early 2012, along with the first listen to album 'Range of Light'.