26 September 2015


You know those moments you find yourself madly searching an artist's full discography after listening to the first 10 seconds of one of their songs? Well that just happened to me. Thank you Samm Henshaw for making me stop and listen and hunt to find more. You most definitely have a new fan in HD. 

23 September 2015


Helloooo BINGE time. Number 14 is definitely a mixed bag, but here are some things (joys) to listen out for:

--> Chance didn't wait long after his mixtape with Lil B to give us another cracker with new track "Israel".
--> Soulection masterminds push Kehlani's "The Way" from amazing/10 to can't-even-deal.
--> All of Jon Waltz's lyrics in "Victoria" - I'll just act like I don't need you / I'll just schedule all my evenings, holding many meetings / Cautious not initiating, no communication really though I'm fading
--> Mac Miller paying tribite to the late Sean Price in "Pet Sounds".
--> "Tell Me" by Chris McClenney epitomises the modern day answer to the classic 70s disco/strut sunshine jam.
--> No BINGE is complete without a classic remixed - thank you Missy Ellit x Wax Roof.
--> Angel Haze being the boss woman she is with "Babe Ruthless".

Feast* away my friends. Cool beans.

*For more feasting, head to the HD soundcloud.

21 September 2015


Jagwar Ma have teamed up with Dreems to cover the Aussie 80s classic 'Another Day in the Sun'. 

I've linked The Moffs' original below - which do you you prefer? I enjoy how that care-free summery vibe is still the same, decades on.

20 September 2015


I don't know much at all about KinKai; but what I do know is that I LOVE what he has done with Tom Misch's 'Windmills of your Mind'. 

It's all good King K. Thank you


Female vocalists are killing it at the moment (in my opinion / on my soundcloud). Have a listen to the four beauties below* - they sure be running the world.


Lemon with "Your Friends (Interlude)" co-produced with fellow Toronto  producers: Tay Lewis and Giangelo Power.


The out of this world talented Christian JaLon goes deep with "Novacaine".
        My mind is numb. No tears this time. Bottled up. My spirit is crying.


The perfect pair of Tokimonsta's musicality and Gavin Turek's vocals makes for an exceptional time. "Once Was Love" is certainly a favourite of mine, but it definitely worth your time giving their collaborative album You're Invited some love.


Another toogoodtobetrue duo can be found in "Life Don't Sleep" with JABS collaborating with Wilough all to Nick Hakim's "Papas Fritas".

*Note that this post is best read/listened to with a bottle of wine.

01 September 2015


The new project Willaris K, of 22 year old Brisbane kid, is all about injecting bulk emotion into instrumental electronic music. I want to hear more my new friend.
'Dreeming' is stellar.