19 March 2017


HD's love affair with Soulection Radio has lasted 3 years now and we are feeling quite nostalgic for them having reached their 300th show. 

As always, it is definitely worth the listen. 

Here are just a couple of our highlights:
  • 0:16 - We got hooked right here
  • 0:23 - Miles Davis respect!
  • 1:00 - a little bit of Justin Timberlake magic here
  • 1:13 - live version of Jay Z's 'Hard Knock Life' with Mary J Blige
  • 2:20 - mmmmm, L0tso x ODIE's 'Senorita' always goes down well in a Soulection
  • 2:33 - It's been too long since we listened to Rhye!
  • 2:45 - I don't think we would need any drinks for you Miguel

Thanks Joe Kay!

12 March 2017


On his second episode of Blonded Radio on Beats Radio 1, Frank Ocean surprised the world and released a new song. He then proceeded to play the new track 'Chanel' 18 times in a row. 2 out of the 18 included a closing verse from A$AP Rocky. 

Nothing Frank does is average; Rocky is in at 3:44 - 'Chanel' is great.

09 March 2017


Pro Era's 23 Year old CJ Fly released a sophomore album late last year (Dec 2016). His confidence is undeniable, choosing to ride solo for the entirety except for 'Get it Done' which features Devontee. FLYTRAP is not much like his debut but is still worth the listening.

07 March 2017


New stuff from Joey Bada$$ is definitely a perk of 2017. He has announced that the new album ALL AMERIKKAN BADA$$ will be out April 7th. To celebrate, he released the visuals for his single 'Land of the Free'. 

The self-directed, politically-charged music video is powerful, unsubtle and (similar to Kendrick's 'i') remains hopeful. All expectations of the album have gone through the roof.


It's been a super long time since we posted about Brisbane friend Willaris K (and also a super long time since we last posted full stop, soz). His tracks are pure emotion and the execution is stellar - 'Alchemy' could be his best yet.