31 October 2014


French magazine Ninki is releasing some pretty dope mixes. Number three is by Flow-Fi girl Nonma. It took me completely by surprise finding this while painfully studying; and what a good surprise at that!

It has a genuinely killer tracklist:
FKJ - Higher
Beshken & Sspencer - Want
JD. Reid - 88keys
Kanye West - Stay Up!
Kaytranada - Regrets
Blackdoe - Paris Blues
Sh?m - Serendipity
Jai Paul - Jasmine
LAKIM - Saved by the Bell
Madlib - Cue 6

30 October 2014


Daye (day-yah) Jack's track "Summer Days" is wonderful. His music video is inspired by hot hot summer days, where you "recorded movies on old VHS tapes that had been recorded over so many times that it warped". 

Chilled out sunshine rap gets me happy - especially when it comes from a computer science student!  All we need is some watermelon.


I love it when lo-fi loving producers mix it Bank's tracks (See Shlohmo's efforts for convincing). Here is Stwo's edit of 'Drowning'. 10/10 better than the original.

29 October 2014


Check out Ella Eyre's Cover of 'We don't have to take our clothes off'. I can;t get over the stark difference between Eyre's and the 1986 Jermaine Stewart original! Listen/watch both below and try get you head around the fact that they are the same song.. 

And then there's the Gym Class Heroes try - but I think they sort of missed the point of the clothes needing to staying on.

22 October 2014


Pretty bummed that I had to miss Dugong Jr playing the other night (See earlier post: 'Blunt'). In order to recover from the weekend's tragic turn of events, I'm gonna spend the next coupla days reminiscing the Melbourne dude's early remixes and some of his newer Moving Castle Collective stuff -->

20 October 2014


How to make a Monday a happyday: Leon Bridges.

Man oh man, it's been a while since my socks were blown off, blown all the way back to the golden era of 50s gospel-soul. With similar sounds to Michael Kiwanuka and Gary Clark Jnr, Bridges is producing within a timeless genre and with so much skill. 

Below are his only two singles (I mean, they are awesome but I just want more!) and see how well he takes on Sam Cooke's jams.

I just can't even. This kind of music is what I live for.

19 October 2014


Have a listen to this 'Drunk In Love' remix. I know what your thinking: 'Another Bey remix??'.


Esta is good and Esta has done some very cool and very different things to this (way over-remixed) track. Trust me on this one.

18 October 2014


This track is all me tonight. Only difference is that I'm not Danny and they are Blunts. I'm Temily and they are papers. So many damn University papers. 

Screw you Saturday night (not you Monk' - you can stay). 
Woooo :|


How to Dress Well has release some of the What is This Heart? Remixes. Have a listen below. There are all a bit off-centre, which is cool if you like that kind of thing. The Range remix is my favourite.

If you missed this 2014 absolute gem of an album, you need check out his short film trilogy he made to go with it. And also note know that I think it is possibly the best album release of the year!


Check out this real good cover of Lykke Li's 'I Know Places' by Jack Larsen. His voice just takes the song to another level, maybe not live on the moon level, but definitely to another place. 

16 October 2014


He is the maker of possibly the best 'Say My Name' edit, and he has released his next EP. Voices EP is 17 minutes of signature Cyril Hahn rnb-slash-dance to vocal-yum to cookie-cutter-house. 'Slow' and 'Open' are definitely the best tracks but the other two are still brilliant.

15 October 2014


Here is the first of what is meant to be a long line of collaborations between ILoveMakonnen and Mike WILL Made-It. 'Wishin You Well' is a lot more Makonnen than Mike, but that is no reason to complain. This track is made for the repeat button. Real steady but steady in a continuous glorious way.


I'm new to the works of Caitlyn Scarlett, but I'm realy enjoying her new music video. 'Sunset Cigarette' is off of her Jurassic Jukebox & Other Drugs EP. She sounds a bit like Adele in 19 but with the production of some of Banks' friends - incredibly talented but still lighthearted and unpredictable.

14 October 2014


Mayer Hawthorne apparently believes that Rihanna's 'Stay' is "one of the best pop songs that's been written in the past decade." Now the man is trying to beat it with his BarryWhite-esque cover. Have a listen below.

13 October 2014


Here's the coolest chilled out living room session straight from Oddisee and his live band Good Compny. Oddisee's trio, Diamond District, are releasing their March on Washington LP tomorrow via Mellow Music. But this little session comes from his album Tangible Dream

Just quietly, if NBA's James Harden took up the soul guitar business he could be a double for Olivier St Louis..

Also check out this killer find - Oddisee and Olivier together in a live acoustic session in Melbourne:


Belgium-based trio, La Plage landed a sweet deal with Honeymoon as a result of their upbeat first single 'Rendez-Vous'. They turned a corner with understated single number two, (my favourite) 'Mark'. Check out the two faces of La Plage below. 

12 October 2014


Last week I got pretty excited about wonder girl Willow Smith - now let's all listen how awesome her big brother is! Jaden Smith released a track of himself rapping over the top of Pink Floyd's 'Breathe'. Fresh Prince must be doing something right.


Lizzo is a bit of an inspiration - she is ridiculously cool and unapologetically stylin. I am so stoked to have found her alt/indie hip hop music. If you want to get to know this lady better check out the 'Your Truly' bio below and definitely hit up her latest music video to track 'Buss Passes and Happy Meal'. Kinda makes me proud to be a woman.

11 October 2014


18 year old Holly Fletcher, aka Låpsley, is stirring up the music world. Her new single ahead of her debut EP is going to be featured in Annie Mac's 2014 Compilation. That's a big deal. And rightly so. She has a killer voice and damn good production skills. Listen to the magic below.


The 2 Bears have released the album The Night is Young. The duo is made up of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and 1965 Records' Raf Rundell. 

Their sound is some sort of "rave-garage"/"pop-hip-house" or at least thats what Wikipedia says. I say that 2 Bears are making music that does exactly what it says it going to do - keeping the night young. All I know is that I will be able to rely on these two to keep me up late next time I need to cram for an exam. It'll be a good night (as good a night studying can be that is). 

Below is the minimal soundcloud stream, but for the full length go to Pitchfork (be sure to get down to third track 'Money Man').

09 October 2014


He is the Sydney kid that has been likened to The Kite String Tangle, Autre Ne Veut and James Blake. Billy Fox has released a weird retro spaceship music video. He also has a pretty cool EP out too (I think 'Set Go' is my favourite). 

Apparently the whole mini-album is meant to be a sort of soundtrack to an emotional overloaded sci-fi fantasy romance? I still don't quite understand how the video matches the song but hey, an artist can do what they wanna do! I won't judge - have a look for yourself below. And also check out the extravagant use of falsetto in Overboard

08 October 2014


It's Hump-day and BINGE# day. I'm working the late shift and made the 9th BINGE playlist to keep me going.

Honorable mentions should be given to the third single off Jon Waltz's Alyss EP and the carnival feels all over the last track of Amine's En Vogue EP. I should also point out that I have never enjoyed HAIM until Movement got involved and that Maximus MMC has certainly got the night time vibes down with Shhh. 

Time to shhh and listen up!

07 October 2014


It's been over a year since their last release and thank you Jesus they are back! 'Supernatural' was premiered on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show a couple days ago and now its open for all to enjoy on their soundcloud. Same style vocals as always from Aluna, but there is less futuristic-rnb and more modernist-disco in George's beats. I hope that there will be more to come soon!

06 October 2014


Jon Waltz has just released his 'Alyss EP'. It is such an easy listen without being lame/boring one bit (remember how good 'Bang' was?!). He sounds like a mix between Chance the Raper and Drake sometimes so you know the 19 year old is doing something right. Be sure to have a look at the interactive website to figure what is going down between the EP's characters.

05 October 2014


Is this week killer cover/resample week?! First Chet Faker in all his glory, then the all-talent-teenager Willow and now Tincture. This time Frank Ocean's 'Swim Good' is the covered track. I am so damn amazed at how Tincture managed to spin this borderline upbeat rnb melody into a darker, hazy production masterpiece highlighting the Queenslander's hardout vocals. Impressed much?


Enter the rebelling/uncompromising son of a gospel singer - Daniel Caesar. Listen close because this one is jam packed!

  1. Titled Praise Break as a reference to Caesar's religious upbringing and literal break from the Church
  2. Track 3 'Chevalier samples good ol' James Vincent McMorrow's 'Cavalier'
  3. On Track 4 & 5: "Last winter I saw the movie Casablanca for the first time. As soon as I heard Humphrey Bogart say in his iconic voice, 'We'll always have Paris', I paused the movie, grabbed my guitar and wrote 'Paris'. The Casablanca skit is meant to be an introduction to Paris, and we laid the into to Jeff Buckley's 'The Last Goodbye' overtop".
  4. Pseudo us inspired by Pink Floyd's track 'Time' as The Dark Side of the Moon was his childhood favourite record.
  5. The 'Violet' music video, about Caesar's first love, is out to watch below.

There is something about choral vocals and soulful rnb that makes me warm and fuzzy. Hello new favourite. 


After the Mob's EP was scrapped A$AP Rocky has released this guy: 'Multiply. A killing beat filled with fashion frustration. I love the 2:45 switch up.


Childish Gambino + free mixtape.
STM MTN/KAUAI is the new mixtape, and the first half is out and well worth the listen. My take is that it is a lot less all over the place than Because The Internet, which is very very good. 
Don't yet understand what Stone Mountain, Atlanta and Kauai, Hawaii have to do with anything but I'm not complaining.

04 October 2014


Willow Smith has released another track, but this one is next level cool. 'Your Love V2' samples The XX's 2009 song 'Basic Space'. It is quite the revamp. Smith absolutely slams the vocals home and with such (st)ease. Listen in awe below, and then reminisce on how game-changing the XX debut was.

03 October 2014


Aminé is a Portland rapper who is making some powerful stuff. Watch the short film to Oliver + Jordana below and make sure you check out his 'Odyssey To Me' and 'En Vogue' EPs. This kids is doing very good things.


The first insight into her third album is 'Wah Ha'. This classically Lisa Mitchell track is an ode to being OK with not being OK. She is so darn cool.

02 October 2014


Flying Lotus' new music video gave me goose bumps. It probably has something to do with that gospel choir, or the claps, or the amazing dancing, or the fact that the amazing dancing was done by amazing children. It could have also been because 'Never Catch Me' features Kendrick Lamar and that FlyLo is at the top of his game at the mo. 

Apparently his album, 'You're Dead!' will be a bit more solemn and morbid then this dancing on the grave track. Can't wait to get my hands on it though - Oct 3 it's on. 


Chet Faker has recorded his 'Like a Version'! Not quite, but when he covered Sonia Donada's 'Lover' for Triple J, WKND decided to remix it. Dance match made in heaven.


Rhye have released their newest track since their 2013 album 'Woman'. These guys have such a distinct sound and I really like that they are so different. Listen to 'Right Never Comes' below and revisit their music video for 'The Fall'.

01 October 2014


Tinashe's debut album is out! Stream Aquarius here. And be sure to check out her music video for 'Pretend' with A$AP Rocky and some pretty impressive mountains.


Jordan Rakei is oh so smooth, so soulful and so chill. His latest is an all day listen, especially after an all night up. mmmmm.