29 August 2014


New Basenji: it's fun took me by surprise.


Taking quite a dramatic move away from her previous music, Brooke Fraser has released the first single of what will be her forth album. There's a whole lot of Banks feels in this one. 

28 August 2014


I'm pooped; time to chillbang to the likes of this:

27 August 2014


All I have to say about this Emile Haynie Track with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonte Hynes and Sampha is that is is pretty darn dramatic. In a good way..

25 August 2014


Ahead of the reissue of M83's first three EPs today, Gonzales shared with us the eight minute clip to 'Before the Dawn Heals Us' closing track. As always, it's M83 artistry bliss.

23 August 2014


Seems like I've got myself into a bit of an afternoon session of dope music makers... Here is what's been spinning:


Golden girl Tinashe released the next single off her debut album 'Aquarius'. Featuring the chilled out side of A$AP Rocky. It's a lot of good feels.

22 August 2014


Here's the new clip for The Weeknd's 'Often'. Looks like it's all about how often Abel Tesfaye wears his XO Jacket maybe?

21 August 2014


Got stuck on the late shift at work last night but luckily I snagged some speakers and got down to Snakehips' 'Coming To America' Hypetrack Mix. It is so ridiculously jam packed with hits - definitely too good to not perve on the Tracklist.

20 August 2014


Listen to this killer 'Let Me Love You' remake by Japanese Wallpaper pal WAFIA.


If you have ever wondered what it is like to drive across Western Australian then I can certainly let you know that this is what it sounds like --> A little bit Atlas Mountains, a little more Shouting Matches and a whole lot of crashing after a long day of work. 

17 August 2014


BINGE time take 7. This one's for the Sunday afternoons you don't quite know what to do with yourself, turning into nights of good friends and maybe some pulled pork.

PS. if you missed the memo on what these BINGE#s are for check out the guinea pig :)

16 August 2014


From The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, here is 'The Secret Life of Jose Gonzalez'.
Dawn is coming, open your eyes.

15 August 2014


Enjoying the weekend-eve sunshine and this mix by Basenji today.


Dawn Golden's title track 'Still Life' off of their album now has a music video - Similar sad vibes to my favourite Jon Waltz video but really pretty at the same time.

14 August 2014


Brooklyn Duo, Golden Pony remixed Outkast's 'Ms Jackson'. It's a cool new laid back take on the classic. Little bit of a Neon Indian vibe.. I am for REAL.

13 August 2014


I really enjoy the music that comes out of GodWolf. I found them through a Japanese Wallpaper remix that I absolutely love. They are so great that they were recently signed with etcetc and this was the single that was released shortly after:

12 August 2014


Bobby Brackin's got it goin on with 'Hot Box'. Marketed as the perfect weekender, his track featuring Mila J and G-Eazy sounds way too much like Tinashe's 2 On - could be why I like it.

11 August 2014


These guys sound like so many different artists and yet make completely unique sound. Welcome to the refreshing and intriguing genre blending that is Wolf Tide.


Flow Fi doesn't miss a beat. This guy seriously. Man oh man everything he produces is gold. Trust me on this. Check out his latest Frankie-sampled slice of ear heaven.

10 August 2014


These sisters are damn impressive. Not only do their voices rock, but that rhythm section is amazing. Ibeyi's music video is pretty cray too.


Vic Mensa released a killer track produced by one of my favourites: Kaytranada. 'Wimme Nah' is a very easy listen.

09 August 2014


It's not often that you find yourself wholly satisfied with the new sounds an artist is making. Dead Times' answer to the chilled out rnb wave is wonderful. I love this stuff. And I am very excited to to have it in my ears.


The debut album that every music/arts/culture blog/news/reviewer on the interwebs has been anticipating. (At least it seems like that in my world) FKA Twigs released her album LP 1 today just a year and a half after her debut EP 1. Imma stream it till the sun comes up.

"I love another, and thus hate myself"

08 August 2014


All members (still kickin) in Wu-Tang Clan turned up on The Daily Show to premiere their comeback single 'Ron O'Neal'. Looking forward to more releases in November.

06 August 2014


Here is Safia covering one of my favourites.  This 'Cavalier' remake is just a magical as James Vincent McMorrow's original. Now to go stare at the stars for a while.


Another great remix by Esta is coming your way. Here's to groove-couch vibes with Brandy's 'I Wanna Be Down'.

05 August 2014


Found this super chilled out A$AP Rocky remix. Dusty Feathers has definitely spun this hectic number on its head - This 'Wild For The Night' Remix has a completely different vibe to the original but has just as much steez.


Rae Morris and her friend Fryars made a very cool video clip to their track 'Cold'. I love the colours, the setting and the simplicity; plus look how in sync they all are!

04 August 2014


Yes, the remix the internet has gone a little loco over. Beyonce and Nicki Minaj team up to reshape the (in my opinion) best track of Beyonce's latest album, 'Flawless'. Spot the parts where B speaks up about that 'escalator incident' and Minaj reiterates her stand against homegirl Iggy. This is my jam.


Left Brain and Hodgy Beats have released their wicked fun new Mellowhype track "FIFAFOFUM!". They look like they are having a bit too much fun.

03 August 2014


The James Brown biopic is coming out, and to celebrate Pete Rock released a James Brown Tribute Mix. Have a read of how Brown became his childhood hero.
35 minutes of soul/hip hop love making.

02 August 2014


Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One" not has an unbelievably good music video directed by Luke Monaghan. Check out the stellar performances below.