31 March 2014


Found Gary Clark Jnr on a Mahogony session and proceeded to stalk the hell out of his music career. 3 albums (debuting in 2004!) 5 EPs and a couple tracks in '12 Years a Slave'. Think Black Keys cross Shouting Matches cross Kiwanuka talent. All Blues. All Good. All soul.

28 March 2014


There's definitely a time a place for EMA. She is dropping her next album "The Future's Void" April 8 The first three tracks have been released, one in Jan, Feb and Mar respectively. 


Jamie XX just dropped half of his two-sided May 5 release (Girl/Sleep Sound). I would describe it as open-minded groove; it's perfect to just zone out too. 

27 March 2014


Tinashe (new RnB girl on the block) released a music video to her "2 On" featuring Schoolboy Q. It's a little more club than her previous mixtape sounds but the video is definitely reminiscent of Cassie's "Me & U" clip. Babes all round.

26 March 2014


New Puff Daddy (Yes Puff Daddy, not Diddy for this one) album "Big Homie" is out next week. ALOL.


It's so nice to see musicianship being the star of a music video. Classic humble Passenger. Was once a busker and now has released a video to "Whispers" (Album to be released June '14).

23 March 2014


Had the absolute privilege of being merch' girl last night for the beautiful and crazy talented ANNA O! It was the launch of 'When the Winter Came', her debut EP. I love it; think Jessie Ware with killer keys and bass lines. It's a whole lotta good Perth music.

22 March 2014


Flume's deluxe album has some crackers. This one is a favourite of mine and now it has it's own video. Featuring Autre Ne Veut and Ghostface Killah.

21 March 2014


This track is way cool. Really really. Probably because Ryan Hemsworth produced and The Underachievers are doing what they are good at. If their soon-to-be-released album, "The Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium" ends up anything like this - they'll be killing it!


Hard to follow up the last mashup but this one's pretty damn good too. How is that possible? Well Big Boi has gone and mixed Stevie Wonder's classic "Part Time Lover" (yes) with Kid Cudi's "She Hates Me". Mash-up Mondays for the win. 

20 March 2014


New Wu-Tang dropped - Featuring Nathaniel - Ahead of their reunion LP "A Better Tomorrow" - Royalty.


Love a mashup? !llmind has slid Biggie's "Skys the Limit" into the slowed now "Picasso Baby" beat. This is one to love.

P.S. March 9 marked 16 years on from king B.I.G.


Netherlands' Jeftuz remixed the Schoolboy Q / Kendrick Lamar 'Collard Greens' collaboration. Hypetrak thinks that this mix "basically took your favourite stoner and made him get out and dance a little". It's real cool.

17 March 2014


Woke up to find new Jhene Aiko on my soundcloud :) Turns out it's her birthday today and she released it. Hopefully all's still good for her Debut coming out it May!

Jhené Aiko "My Afternoon Dream" from Jhené Aiko on Vimeo.


'Cavalier' remixed by The 1975. It really good. And when you think it's ending, it goes on for another 2 1/2 minutes! Love me some McMorrow.

16 March 2014


I heard this track a couple of weeks and ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head. No joke. I've gone a set it on repeat for multiple days on end. There's something special about a remix that blows you away when you haven't even heard the original. Hippie Sabotage flipped Tove Lo's 'Habits' and made 'Stay High'. My vote for Summer 2013/14's best remix.


Went to see Gold Panda at The Bakery last week. He was so good, I mean his music is always good, but it is so ridiculous to watch someone with that amount of talent play pads like he did. And he played all the greats :)

15 March 2014


Just saw Aloe Blacc's music video to "The Man". Knew it was going to be a pretty special clip 0:38s in. Blacc channels Mavin Gaye's "What's Going On" Trench coat look. The rest of the clip follows as he depicts famous Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr scenes. Love the respect.

     Note: The above album is in my top favourite records of all time, easily.

14 March 2014


Happy Weekend Internet world - Time for a BINGE?


Man Angel Haze is too good! Why has Australia not noticed her gold?! Here is her "A Tribe Ca,,ed Red" clip which had been likened to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video, but more Butch. And I agree with them.

13 March 2014


Friends of a friend of mine, The Paper Kites are, what I would say, some of the best artists Australia has to offer. By far. Here is their newest, and yet again tragically touching, music video to track 'Tenenbaum'. Go out and appreciate the night tonight.


I recently posted SBTRKT's 'Hold the Line' in anticipation for THIS - Stream now his new EP 'Transitions'. 

“This is music written over the last year, whilst recording for my second album. Much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make.”

Yeah Yeh! Gon get me some study on. 

12 March 2014


Kendrick has reworked Tame Impala's 'Feels Like We're Only Going Backwards' for the soundtrack of Divergent. It looks to me like a Matrix remake (not really my style) but with a killer score. Whatever the movie is like this track hit all the right buttons.


Join us: common lunch hour - don't want to be in an office - prefer to be in a field somewhere - musings straight from 1972.


11 March 2014


Loved this track and now it's matched with it's perfect video. London lady Shura and her only (why?!) song on soundcloud is delicious. I love love.

10 March 2014


Panda Bear is releasing a new album (after his 2011 'Tomboy') later this year! Here is the first released stuff. Panda Bear makes up 1/4 of Animal Collective - and I freakin' LOVE Animal Collective.

09 March 2014


For foolproof groovin' tunes --> JUNGLE. They are bringing back the dance break with their new video to 'Busy Earnin''. Let's all join dance classes again!

08 March 2014


"WOAH, new How To Dress Well"

If you haven't heard of this guy, then right now, at this very second go download his discography, pay up big for his vinyl, cyber stalk him to the ends of the interwebs - everything he touches is gold and there really is no one making anything like him.

Thank you Tom Krell.


Happy Weekend errybody! This new track got me through my Friday night. 'Sanctified' is off Ross' new album 'Mastermind'.

And then this clip got me through my Saturday morning. How good is a full live band with these guys!? 

06 March 2014


I posted this track a couple of weeks ago, and the music video to 'Fancy' has just been released. COMPLETE remake of 95's 'Clueless'. YES. Alicia Silverstone now Iggy Azealia and hooker Charli XCX has got it gon' on too. They may have just recreated every girls dream!

04 March 2014


This is one of my music videos of all time. It's Sigur Ros' art film accompaniment to their track Varúð from 2012.
I want to be her.

03 March 2014


My friends are way too talented! A couple of them got together with Jo Cinquina (you sound so much like Dallas Green on this!) to make an on-the-fly worship studio session, come live album - We Worship Together. Its so good and I've been hanging out for another killer worship album since Edge|Kingsland|Signs of Life came out. 

Do your life some good and listen.

02 March 2014


Lykke Li is releasing her new album 'I Never Learn' May 5. Here is the first listen :)


Re-found this gem today. Danish duo Galimatias & Joppe teaming up with DMV newcomer GoldLink --> 'Dream Rap'