29 June 2015


Am loving this new podcast by Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch, Alpha Mist and Barney Artist. Hilarious, very real and damn educational. 
I feel you / Let's be friends.

HD is already is a massive fan of Rakei, but now thanks to Are We Live, we are loving the rest of the crew too. Here's a favourite of Tom Misch's soundcloud:

28 June 2015


We need to talk about Giles. Love him. This 110 minute mix literally got me through Honours. Here's to late night lab sessions, hopefully they will come back around too quickly. At least I know Mr Peterson will be there waiting for me.


Active Child's new album is out! Loved everything about You are all I see so I am very excited to see what Mercy has to offer. If it is anything like the pre-released, love-serenading single '1999' than, oh man, it is going to be brilliant. Streaming it here for free.

27 June 2015


The oh-so talented Ross Birchard, aka one half of TNGHT, aka Hudson Mohawke, has released his album Lantern. Refreshingly, there are no tracks hidden behind rapping, instead, the entire piece of work showcases Birchard as a completely diverse producer.

Being six years since his the release of his debut, HudMo has a clear intention with this one: "I never wanted to be any genre. I wanted to be my own thing. Everything." 
And Lantern sure is EVERYTHING.

11 June 2015


Emerging from the HD hibernation for this 4 minute glimmer of everything my ears have needed. 

I may be late on the update, but this is the first track of Favela's three track EP (the second was released about a month ago). Thank you Favela - it has been a 'hit repeat' track over here.