31 May 2014


I just put Kevin Abstract's 'Drugs' in the last BINGE# but it is just too good to not repost. It's pretty much like listening to a whole album in one song. Starts off way different to where it ends and I like that. Commit to the full 7 minutes; 3:45 is where it's at. Also, kevinabstract.com is next level. 

kevin abstract - drugs [1of 3] from HkCovers on Vimeo.

30 May 2014


It's that time again :) So many good ones in this Binge. Heads up for sneaky samples featuring Miguel and Cassie and of course no list would be complete without another Destiny's Child or Ginuwine edit. 


Chance the Rapper (gloriously) covering the Arthur Theme Song.

29 May 2014


I don't normally post a full album, but Dawn Golden's debut is really special. I can't count how many times I have come back to listen to 'Still Life' just this week alone! The solo project of Houses' Dexter Tortoriello was made over the last three years (whilst sharing a studio with Diplo). A highly recommended album to get you through the next few cloudy days.

26 May 2014


Check out this "Average kid making weird music from Cali" and have a good old groove along.

25 May 2014


Revisiting old Cassie tracks, she's so dreamy. I found a truly melty one with RnB vocaliser , Shlohmo bud - Jeremih. Hear Cassie below + 'mih's new release with YG.


Really enjoying these reworks and I definitely think you will too. We have old Justin Timberlake, D'Angelo, Lykke Li, Active Child, Destiny's Child and Gnarls Barkley! Kids these days have great taste. 

24 May 2014


Ella Eyre is killing it! BBC Sound got it so so very right. She has just released an absolute gem of a track! So fun to sing-along with Miss Eyre.


Found a track that keeps getting stuck in my head and brings out my inner rom-com lover*. Its super fun and happy Melissa Steel. Dare you to listen and not dance like the sun is shining; impossible. 

*This never happens!!

23 May 2014


Found a ridiculously good remix of Say Lou Lou's "Everything we touch" by Noah Breakfast. It kind of reminds me of something Japanese Wallpaper would pull out. Perfect for daydreaming during a lecture.

19 May 2014


New York's, Alph Knox, release GOOD quick-fix mixes. They are perfectly bundled 20ish minute listens. Imma go smash them all


Let this Midliife track wake up your Monday morning. Makes it feel like the sun is really out. 

17 May 2014


This is one of the best music videos I've seen in a long time. Jon Waltz - 'Bang'

16 May 2014


Welcome to the weekend friends. Come make a sammich with Mac Miller! No, but actually. Download his killer mixtape by making an online sandwich; interactive hop? Whatever it is, it is fun and includes Schoolboy Q, King Ralph of Malibu, Sir Michael Rocks, Earl Sweatshirt, Ab-Soul, Thundercat, Rick Ross, Mike Jones, Vince Staples and Da$h. YES.

15 May 2014


Look! It's First Aid Kit's new single 'My Silver Lining' video :) look at their pretty dresses! Their new album comes out June 10.
So so much pretty in my ears.

14 May 2014


Love me some MIA. She is by far the realest diva-come-hustla around. Here is her remix of Beyonce's 'FLAWLESS'.


The Roots have their eleventh album "...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin" streaming live now ahead of it's May 19 release on Def Jam. Have a listen here.

13 May 2014


Here is a super pun-filled flip of Tinashe's '2 on' by Drake and his funny friend OB O'Brien. OVO is always killing it.


Perth talent, Whiskey Winter's new track 'Sahara' is 6 minutes of beautiful, open-aired bliss.

12 May 2014


This mix by Juju will get you through your last minute, study catch up before your early monday morning class. Definitely no shame in that kawaii name!

10 May 2014


Enjoying these couple of edits today. Stoked that both Pomo and Stwo are hitting Perth in a couple of weeks.

09 May 2014


The last couple of weeks has seen Boots (ie. Beyonce's producer) team up with his friends (insane talents) to make his free-for-all mixtape. 'WinterSpringSummerFall' is all creativity and all easy listening.


Found another gem. You'll definitely thank me later for this one. Fyfe.

Sax is certainly making a come back it seems..

08 May 2014

D S, H

Ta-Ku's 'Drive Slow, Homie' mixes are definitely a fullproof let-the-music-play-all-afternoon go-to. All together it makes 2 hours of what Ta-Ku is so good at. 

Hint: When next playing video games, mute their annoying sounds and make Drive Slow the backing. It never disappoints.

07 May 2014


Got married nearly a year and a half ago and somehow White Magazine heard about it?! Buuut they missed out on some of the best deets:

What we aisled to - 

What we signed to - 

And what we heck-yeah-we're-married-let's-eat-cake! to - 

05 May 2014


Japanese Wallpaper, young Melbourne dude (only 17!), dropped his new single today :) It features Pepa Knight from Jinja Safari. His 'Remixes' EP is the closest thing to perfect-study-tunes I've found since yr 12 Calculus with 'The Best of The Temptations' - true story.

03 May 2014

BINGE #4.★

Double-Binge-Trouble. For those of you who like to get low under the moonlight here is BINGE #4 to take your nights away...

BINGE #4.☀︎

Double-Binge-Trouble. So much goodness this past month - Here is BINGE #4 one for the sunshine listeners. Go have a wonderful day!

02 May 2014


Went to see Oscar Key Sung last night. Loved seeing someone live that is so obviously influenced by Miguel ♥︎ Sid Pattni supported and he is always wonderful.

01 May 2014


Think the Phil Collins / Prince of today. LANY.


I have loved Movement for so long now and finally they have released their EP. Self-titled and glorious. I have nothing else to say so be quiet and just listen.