18 April 2015


Writing a paper all morning to this mix by KEFF on repeat.
Spot the tracklist below.

young - vallis alps
nothin' on my mind (bearson rmx) - astronomyy
all I want (manila killa rmx) - dawn golden
just hold on we're going home - luca lush x kim vallido
smother - tennyson x mothica 
lazy love - the geek x VRV
life's a bitch (pdwubs rmx) - nas x AZ
sunny day - coyote kisses
so high (beshken rmx) - doja cat 
say my name (jai wolf rmx) - odesza 
glide - melvv
in paris - sable x mark johns 
cherry drops - bobby tank
my boo (wave racer rmx) - ghost town djs
front porch swing - louis futon
better than (feki rmx) - cln 
aluko river - chet porter

15 April 2015


The Tallest Man On Earth is back at it again. 'Dark Bird Is Home' starts like any other of the Swedish folk singer's tracks, that is, until we hit the unexpected symphony triumph of 3:40min. It is absolutely lovely. 
I'm so down for his next album release one month away.

14 April 2015


So I just posted yesterday the wonderful "Fucking Young" music video, and then I saw this: Chance the Rapper with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment in their new short film to "Sunday Candy".
AKA favourite music video for 2015. Easy. 

I want to see this musical. I want to fly to America, give them all of my money, to eat ice cream in a theatre and watch them perform this musical. Literally the best clip I have seen in a long time - probably since Waltz's 2014 'Bang'.

Can't study this week, too busy learning the dance and loving life.

13 April 2015


I am madly loving new Tyler The Creator style - that sunflower field; those bubblegum balloons; all of the colours; the 4:40 switch up, oh and the Chaz Bundick feature and Charlie Wilson vocals. 
Aw yeah.

09 April 2015


Perfect collaboration coming your way from two Perth artists - Anna O and Angus Dawson.
Was super excited to hear what the two had come up with and 'Close my eyes' certainly does not disappoint! One to leave you wanting more for sure!

06 April 2015


This BINGE mix has certainly been brewing for quite some time. I'm pretty much this girl - busting excited to have had the time to blog/eat all of these tracks finally.

Things to listen out for:
--> non-stop dance times in Chris McClenney's 'Booty'
--> the 2014 norwegian nu-disco spin on biggie's 'Old Thing Back'
--> the killer Earl Sweatshirt + Action Bronson collaboration 'Warlord Leather'
--> UK'ers Zak Abel and Joker with all of the feels (remixed magically by Joe Hertz) 
--> the over 5 minute instrumental Teen Daze track, reminiscent of Boards of Canada / Tycho

Enjoy number 12!

01 April 2015


Loving this track from 17 year Brisbane kid today. 'Control' by Golden Vessel sounds super good and then you realise that those familiar sounding vocals are coming from Art of Sleeping's Caleb Hodges. 
All Aussie goodness.