31 January 2016


I don't know much about Beauvois, but I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to appreciate his rework of Chet Faker's "1998". "Used To Be" is truly wonderful and fresh and mellooooww.
Thank you.

29 January 2016


Londoners Tom Misch and Zak Abel have refixed an already perfect Kwabs track. It is so refreshing to hear songs like "Cheating On Me" where all you need to do is stop and respect the sound. 

This certainly does not come as a surprise. Misch is quickly gaining a demigod-status in the producer world AND if you didn't remember, Kwabs was the guy who, in 2012, made THE cover of James Blake's "Wilhelm Scream".

Listen/rewatch below, you deserve happiness.

28 January 2016


Sydney duo, Atlas Bound are such a great representation of what Aussie producers have to offer. They are truly unique whilst pertaining to multiple (sometimes opposing) genres. It has been a while since "Landed on Mars" came out and I only hope that it won't be as long before more gold is released.


What's your work week like?
Mine is going to be spent injured and immobile. 

I feel like Kembe X, the 20 yr old Chicago wordsmith, sure understands my frustrations in his latest "Work Week (Squad Day)". Thank you for consistently releasing goods.