31 July 2014


BINGE# time again. This one is real fun: Chance recorded his Arthur Theme cover, there's a new The Weeknd track and some remixes and collabs that will make you happy to be alive. Here's to number 6. 

29 July 2014


OK. Here's my latest favourite. This is definitely a track that I have found myself continually coming back to. ILYSB by LANY is everything you want in production and everything you need in smooth falsettos. If I could imagine a soundtrack for my dreams it would be this.


To celebrate his 21st birthday Manila Killa released a remix of Dawn Golden's 'All I Want'. Gosh he makes magic at 52 seconds in. Party-time-in-the-sunshine sounds ahead!

28 July 2014


Londoners Years & Years have taken on (and smashed out of the park) Sean Paul and Blu Cantrell's 'Breathe'. This is impressive. 


Alex Wiley. I am probably pretty late to jump on this bandwagon, but if there is anything that I have heard lately that starts you off a little slow and confused and mid way through will have you hooked its this guy. Below are his latest two. Kind of remind me of Earl Sweatshirt verses; it could also be the bucket.


Mash-up gods, White Panda, are doing it well. Remixing the heck out of 'Latch' and sliding Kanye over Flume are just a couple of releases this week alone!

27 July 2014


My good mates from, Kat Wilson released their EP last night! Sea Legs is a testament to the magic that can be created when fun friends (who are all too damn musically talented) get together and jam. And that's exactly what Kat Wilson are like live too :) Time for an iTunes download.


An old friend has been making some amazing music, and pretty cool videos to match. Here is his latest.

25 July 2014


Melbourne dude, GMC - Three Letter, made a mini mix of Ta-Ku beats. 'Paper Cranes' is cranking.

24 July 2014


London hip hop newcomers, Hawk House, are making waves. I am loving their debut EP. 'Handshake to the Brain' is oh so cool and oh so clever. 

23 July 2014


Flying Lotus was in a very generous mood yesterday. Not only did he release a tracklist for his next album, he posted up his downloadable 'Ideas+drafts+loops'. Mines downloading right no; looking forward to the Baths feature and locking down this sweet remix of Kanye's "Black Skinhead".


You sad about all the Australian rain? I was. Until I watched Jungle at their finest. Check out their new video for 'Time'. Here's to Freedom - and their debut album just released.


FKA Twigs at it again. She released this clip ahead of her new album which will come out in August. I really like the gold, the mini Tahliahs and am looking forward to the remixes that will follow. However, if you can understand what the video is about please comment below - I don't know what the hang is going on, except that she can do the splits!


Back from being away from the music world for 6 weeks. May have gone through steady withdrawals throughout. Here is the track that got me by. Definitely got me looking forward to posting again. Hey.