24 February 2016


If anyone can tell you what is cool, it is Olivier St Louis. Like the rest of his EP Black Music, "Ain't Cool" is entirely composed and 90% played by St Louis. 

For more coolness - see his work with Oddisee.

19 February 2016


I'm going to just leave these two Tei Shi's here. Join me quietly anticipating the April release of her album Verde.

14 February 2016


It's been 4 years since Overgrown + 3 years (nearly) since any new releases + 1 year since the announcement of Radio Silence...

And finally now "Modern Soul".

08 February 2016


Gloom god Bones is back! He has just lowkey released a new tape produced by the likes of Greaf, The Virus and The Antidote, Vegard Veslelia, Dylan Brady, Eric Dingus, Stereoryze, Curtis Heron and Fleece. 
Thanks TeamSESH.


Belau is the solo project of Peter Kedves and "Island of Promise is the first release off of his EP coming out soon. His music aims to say something about his travels and the landscape under the self-proclaimed genre of 'sundowntempo'. Fun fact: the music video won a Special Award at the Hungarian music video awards - safe to say it is worth the watch.

05 February 2016


Any band that employs clapping, stomping and obscenities to form the backbone of their sound, is a smart band. "S.O.B" is taking me back to O Brother, Where Art Thou? vibes and making me hum along for the ride - For these reasons, I thank you Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.