28 April 2014


Don't know who this guy is, where he is from, or what the deal is. But this track (the only one on his soundcloud) is beautiful.

27 April 2014


mmmmm who is this Rachel Foxx lady? Semi-provacative Jessie Ware? Toned-down Jhene Aiko? Mellowed-out Tinashe? Whatever she is, I like her sounds.


Melbourne man LANKS: 'Rise and Fall' Music Video below & a debut EP coming soon. Whatever you do, don't pause out until you are at least 30sec in. Trust me. It gets mad good from the 90sec point too. Refreshingly good.

26 April 2014


Baths' new release ahead of his third album is more of his morbid electronic pop. Much to my dismay, it doesn't sound like he will be revisiting his Cerulean days anytime soon. I should've taken the hint when he didn't play 'Animals' at his Bakery show last month. :(

"A small part of Ocean Death was recorded in a hotel room in Spain, but it was mostly done at a friend's home in LA, the place where Obsidian was completed. Both records traverse similar terrain: morbid lyricism, direct vocal melodies, a felicity in subsuming electronic experiments into pop songs. It's about death, apathy, and loneliness. It sounds like a final love letter to a chapter of life that has already ended -- and maybe it has. Songs are currently being theorized for a third full-length, and the direction is vastly different."


Say Lou Lou's Music Video for their single 'Everything We Touch' is everything sparkly, shiny and super catchy.

23 April 2014


MAN OH MAN. Soulection Radio are killing it! They are the LA label/radio show that look after kids like αtu, Lakim, Sango, Jeftuz and Esta; so whatever they lay claim to, you know will be the best of the best. Usually I chuck on a studpidly long mix to zone out and study to, but this one got me bopping like mad - every track is delicious! THREE hours of BLISS

"Let's bounce this up ill"


Jimmy Johnson, latest addition to the OVO label, has released new music - and a video to match. Have a look at his EP 'In God We Trust' only 2 weeks old.

22 April 2014


The Weeknd is without a doubt in my top 5 all time favourite artists. He got me hooked with his THREE killer 2011 mixtapes. This was him last November at his sold-out London show.


Thanks to 'Shuffle All' I stumbled along the perfection that is Home by Kanye West. I've been thinking all day that this version with John Legend (that was scrapped from 'The College Dropout' in 2004) is so much cooler than the recycled track with Chris Martin in 2008's 'Graduation'. Not only is it magical with Legend's vocals but the 1963 Patti LaBelle and The Bluebelles sample makes it oh so soulful!
How do you think they compare?

20 April 2014


Ryan 'too good' Hemsworth made a 'Cool DJ Mix'. Kind of reminds me of How To Dress Well's Chicago jams
Keep listening for the Jigglypuff feature :o/:D

18 April 2014


Got to watch my friends perform (and kill it!) tonight :).

11 April 2014


My friday night is certainly not a party down one this week. It's this: Don Christian's new mixtape "Renzo Piano". Similar vibes to his "The Wayfarer" - real chill and different to all other underground hip hop sounds floating around these days. I feel like in a couple of years errybody will be following in his footsteps; a bit like the people falling over themselves for chill-hop Weeknd / HTDW flow today.
In other words, it a pretty damn awesome Friday night.

10 April 2014


Brooklyn's Inky Jack are releasing an EP. It's called 'Infrared' and this is their song Freedon. 
Note: Kwame is a really good singer.

07 April 2014


I'm not studying. Are you?


To celebrate Chet Faker's debut album coming out in a couple of days let's watch his Boiler Room rooftop set from last month. Stream the album here!

04 April 2014




Was going to put this great new track in the next BINGE. But I changed my mind because I want to let you know out there how awesome it is. We just moved house and in our tired hungry state listening to music, "Make the World Go Round" came on. And within two seconds errybody was breakin it down. No joke. It was glorious. Try it on your friends today!

03 April 2014


This is my study sound for a day of loooooong ass writing. Feel free to join in.
P.S. this guy is one of the original BoilerRoom masterminds.