28 October 2016


There have been some great remixes released recently - remember 'How's the Remix Though'? So to celebrate, every now and then, HD is going to post up a Remix Rumble of sorts. 

Here are 4 killer reworks to kick us off:

ONE: Toronto axxxxgxxx and Casio McCombs teamed up to create, not technically a remix but a killer track that samples Ginuwine's 'So Anxious' and some Sango beats.

TWO: Lakim has seriously revamped Banks' 'Fuck with Myself' from her 2016 album The Altar. It could possibly be better than the original with all those added FKA Twigs vibes.

THREE: Up-tempo'd Rihanna. Yes please and thank you Gigamesh!

FOUR: Who knew there could be ANOTHER killer remix of 'Say My Name'. We are grateful that Ekany has tackled the giant, with the help of Eston and we think that they have come out on top - listen for yourself.


Freetown Sound has been one of our top played albums since its release in June this year. If you are not yet a fan, definitely go on and watch the the music videos for 'Augustine' and 'I Know'. They are both incredibly relaxed and complement Blood Orange mastermind, Dev Hynes' dedication to all inclusive dance and tunes.

Fun fact #1: The Sierra Leone flag is painted as a backdrop in 'Augustine' and Freetown Sound is named after its capital, Freetown, where Hynes' father was born.

Fun Fact #2: That dancer in 'I Know' is a real ballerina, namely Maria Kochetkova.

Seriously though, Freetown Sound is one of the top 2016 albums, dead set.

26 October 2016


Yes Yes Yes. Louis Berry's sound is what rock and roll should be! His latest track 'Restless' is so refreshing (especially the turn up at 1.26min). The Music Video is also worth watching - you know that the visuals are way to cool for school when you get serious Marvin Gaye trench coat flashbacks! 

25 October 2016


Very, very easy listening, courtesy of Canterbury's George Ogilvie. Have a listen to his latest track 'October' below, and if you dig it then check his 2015 EP Count Your Blessings as well.

24 October 2016


When we stumble across amazing artists, our default is to go straight to their Soundcloud page and binge the rest of their releases. Sometimes, to our dismay, there are very few tracks to listen to. I remember Leon Bridges when all he had out was 'Better Man' and 'Coming Home' - and how the wait was certainly worth it for his album. Well, I think we have found another, just like Bridges, who has us wanting more and more. 

Presenting Bruno Major. The North Londoner sounds a little like Jamie Woon/James Blake/Michael Buble (!) but is so so unique in his own right. He only has two tracks out but both are wonderful and incredibly emotive.

There's always your heart left...

HD are Major fans.

19 October 2016


BINGE #16 is here (and about freakin' time). This one is absolutely stacked, so there are plenty of goods for your grazing pleasure.

So if you have a heap of assignments to do/got to stay awake in a boring office/tired of the same old worn-out playlists/need tunes for your next kickback; or if you are like us and just want to binge out on some good new music than this extra fat BINGE is for you. And as always, here is a list of some of the standouts to keep an ear out for:

--> Tom Misch's 'Watch me Dance' is effortlessly soulful. It is also worth checking out his acoustic version.

--> London up-and-comers SWIMS had this to say about their latest track 'Lovers Like You':
"The song at first sounds like it’s about sex and worshipping someone, but has a flip side where the same lyrics are transformed into fights, control and breaking up"

--> Even though The Internet is one of the best bands kicking it these days, Syd has begun stepping into the solo light. Check out her track 'Amazing' produced by Dornik.

--> Poet turned singer-songwriter Yaya Bey is certainly one to watch. Make sure you listen to 'Celie Jr.' it was the first single released off of her new book/EP The Many Alter-egos of Trill'etta Brown. Her sound is ridiculously refreshing.

--> We raved over his single '312' and now we are raving over his single 'Still Good'. Calez's latest track, produced by Rollie, features Alex Wiley, Donnie Trumpet and Mick Jenkins, so you know its gonna be good.

--> We have always fangirl-ed over Dugong Jr's remix, so the fact that he reworked Chance the Rapper's 'Somewhere in Paradise' makes our ears very happy indeed.

--> When British and Oakland queens meet, they make magic. Kehlani and Little Simz's track 'Table' is gold.

--> Milwaukee hip hop king IshDARR has produced the goods with long time favourite Soulection DJ/producer Esta on track 'Mucho Mango'.

Chow down,
Love HD

18 October 2016


Here's a little 20 minuter for you to enjoy from 21 year old Boston mixer, Jabin Soto. We especially love what he did with Miguel's 'Adorn' at 11:20.

17 October 2016


Our journey loving Soulection started with their 169th radio show. Over 100 shows later the quality that Joe Kay brings each week is still in a league of its own. #280 not only brings the classic Soulection goods, but also the master that is Giles Peterson.

In his opening statement, Kay pronounces that "Giles Peterson got him through College" - We can confidently concur. The only difference is that for HD, late night study sessions were made perpetually more tolerable with a Peterson Mix AND the latest Soulection.

16 October 2016


Here's one for your Sunday: Perfect JMSN performing live his new album Live North Hollywood.

He is so good that we have no words - just happy ears. 

14 October 2016


Dear falls from Minneapolis, HD wants to thank you for the mixtape. Friends, stop what you are doing and get in that oldthought headspace. 

01. Caring
02. Full Of Blood
03. Is Found
04. Illustrating
05. Se1
06. 2013
07. Dx Points
08. Sentinel Hill
09. Prospect Park

13 October 2016


Kaytranada is damn good. Not only has he created a DJ edit of Solange's "Cranes in the Sky" that we recently raved about, but the producer has also released an extended edit of Chance the Rapper's "All Night". They are both absolute crackers.

Here's what he had to say about his Solange edit:

I couldn't help it and i can't deny how good it sounds. this is just an edit to play on my dj sets, and i played it once and everybody wanted it right away. Honestly i was gonna wait to see if Solange or her team or whoever works for her wouldve ask me to do an offical remix so if they still want to, i could make it sound better than that version but ohhhhh, what the hell....anyways i highly recommend you that new Solange album "A Seat At The Table".

12 October 2016


JOY. has gone from strength to strength ever since we saw her covering Drake's 'Marvin's Room' this time two years ago. Now we have been gifted with her self-produced(!) mixtape Joy to the World. It is loaded with her trademark level of chill and features Lil Aaron, Dopamine, Manu Crook$ and that very cool Drake sample in 'Underground Kings'.

This girl is on the up.

11 October 2016


With the help of poet/activist Malcolm London, trumpeter Cat's Eyelash and guitarist Brian Sanborn, FRENDS have released a very very nice track. Its mellow and jazzy sound is back's up the powerful message they are sharing: the violent environment that follows around Chicago kids (but "they got friends who wanna see a better tomorrow").

I don’t wanna be the next kid on TV / Who wants to be a hashtag when they grow up?

08 October 2016


If you had to spend a lazy day in a garden filled with flowers, the 'Courage' would be the perfect song to keep you company. London's Purple Ferdinand has such a beautiful, nostalgic sound and right now her music is all about empowerment in spite of feeling defeated.

07 October 2016


Every now and then, if you're are lucky, you will wander across some real solid remixes. The originals are wonderful enough but if done well, the remix can be a whole new stand alone track. Here three of those:

--> 'Can I Kick It?' really doesn't need any help and yet Rhythm Scholar has reemerged to give us a remix of Tribe's track. His rework loves on the flow and brings out a whole new level of chill.

--> I recently shared dvsn's rework of Marvin Gaye's 'Get It On' and I am so grateful that the Toronoto duo back at it again - this time with a Frank Ocean masterpiece.

--> And finally, krs has breathed a whole new life of calypso into Rihanna's 'Needed Me'. Yesssssss.

Keep 'em coming friends.

06 October 2016


How does this guy have only 630 Soundcloud followers?! You NEED to have a listen to Detroit's Stoop Lee below. DO IT.

If STOOPROK wasn't good enough, Lee also released an EP at the same time which was co-produced by Chicago's LINUS (who unjustifiably has less than 300 followers!). EPISODE 1: OKAN is solid and deserves some love.

05 October 2016


Solange's supreme creativity is undeniable! After the release of her third album, A Seat at the Table, the 'Saint Records' founder has gifted us with the visuals of two of the tracks: "Don't Touch My Hair" and "Cranes in the Sky".

Solange is without a doubt a leader in all things that are aesthetically pleasing and her two latest Music Videos are no exception. While "Don't Touch My Hair" was completely shot in New Orleans, "Cranes in the Sky" had 42 different set-ups (in nine cities)! Furthermore, the fashion employed was extravagant to say the least - not only do both videos showcase high-end couture and designs from a myriad of emerging artists (that pink puffer jacket was a college thesis piece!, some of the costumes were made out of leaves and drugstore-bought paper or were simply homemade mama Tina specials.

Honourable mentions should go to Alan Ferguson (Solange's husband) for co-directing both videos with her; smooth Sampha for featuring on 'Don't Touch My Hair'; and neo-soul god Raphael Saadiq for co-producing the album.

If you enjoy some Andre 3000 falsetto, some brutally honest social commentary, some motherly wisdom from Tina Knowles-Lawson, or if you just simply revere Master P, then A Seat at the Table is an album to be devoured. Solange herself describes it a "A highly honest, disruptive, angsty record with all of the nuances that I wanted to express." In other words: An album that white America NEEDS to listen to.

01 October 2016


GoldLink is churning out the goods! This time his new track 'Rough Soul' incorporates the vocals of April George (from the duo April + VISTA) and the productions skills of The Internet's keyboardist Jameel Bruner (AKA Kintaro), so naturally it is a next level groove tune.

'Rough Soul' is also up for free download - Don't you just love a generous artist!

“My fans brought me to my first European headline tour ever… wanted to give you something back.”