30 January 2015


This 16 year old is an instrumental genius. I will literally spend the rest of my day listening to his entire soundcloud. 
Join me.
"I lurk in profoundly calming noises."

29 January 2015


Pretty proud of this lady and her band. Check out the new music video for Anna O's 'Symphony' that was shot all over Perth, Australia. I'm super excited to see what 2015 will do for these guys.


New friends Plastic Birds, just released their debut track. It's a little like early days Tame Impala but in the summertime or light-hearted Mt Mountain. I'm keen to hear what they have up their sleeves to add to this gem. Have a listen to 'In Time' below.

28 January 2015


BADBADNOTGOOD joined forces with Ghostface Killah to produce Ray Gun. It features MF DOOM and the 70's sci-fi inspired music video also features Left Brain



A new friend sent me their latest track - think Bastille vocals and Basenji/Manila Killa production. Have a listen to 'Blind Spot and you will agree that this guy has the potential to go far.

24 January 2015


Oh yes please. Sing me to my sleep Louis and Jordan.

Better yet, soundtrack my sweet sweet dreams..


Last year was the year of Les Sins for Chaz Bundick, but this year he is back with Toro Y Moi! Have a listen to 'Empty Nest' which will feature on his next album What For?, released on April 6.

21 January 2015


A little bit sick of being stuck in front of spreadsheets all week. Thanks to new friends though, I have something to distract me from the mundane. 

Rooks Royal have some very cool mixes to help you through the day. Below are the Vol 1's of the 'Floating Nectar Mix' and the 'Out The Gut Mix'. First is nice and chill, second is all on the head bob. 

It is always fun finding someone with very similar music taste as you. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

18 January 2015



If you're late on the update: HG BINGE#'s are just soundcloud lists of our recent loves. We make them when we feel them.

BINGE Legs Eleven features a ridiculous cover of Chance The Rapper's 'Cocoa Butter Kisses', the new Joey Bada$$ release, and an Anushka track remix that reminds me a lot of this one :). 
Thanks should go to Mishkka for the heads up on their latest and also esta - you are too good with Kali Uchis.

Happy drums.

16 January 2015


The perfect thing for bouncing out of the office early on a Friday afternoon? Apart from a cold one, Willie Wright's 'I'm So Happy Now'.

From 1977 LP, Telling the Truth, the bouncy single was had the following published on the back sleeve: (!!) 

"WARNING: This is not a disco record. It's designed for ADULTS of the world. TEENAGERS, this album may be too lyrically heavy for you, especially if you're into fast music. YOU WILL, however, enjoy this record if you're into GUITARS!"

Happy early weekend friends!


Skizzy Mars, or teenage hip-pop internet sensation, is making 2015 his year. The Red Balloon Project is set to release next month and 'Do You There' featuring Marc E. Bassy is the second single already out. It's all melody and beat; the good kinds.

14 January 2015


Turns out Aesop Rock's Cat Food EP was available last month but only as a 7-inch and only after you bought the Aesop/KIDROBOT toy figure "Whiskers of the Undead". Crazy right?!

Anyway I'm glad he has released it like an adult now because its jam packed full of fun verses.

To the toy store we go..


I loved Nicki in the Pink Friday days, but truth be told in recent years I have enjoyed her less and less. However in the wake of Pinkprint, hope has been renewed. She's back doing what she does best (and fully clothed)! Not only did Complex name her best rapper alive for 2014, but Minaj also released a short movie to 'Crying Game', 'I Lied' and 'Grand Piano'. It certainly is grand going to be an equally grand 2015.

13 January 2015


The movement is a rhythm to us
Freedom is like religion to us
Justice is juxtaposition in us
"Justice for all" just ain't specific enough

12 January 2015


Have a listen to this under 3 minute gem. Sultry Miki Rose joins with chilled out El Train to create 'Control'.

I enjoy it.
And I really enjoy the fact that the Something Between EP just came out.


Keath Mead has been privileged with being the first artist signed to Company Records (headed by Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick). 'Polite Refusal' is the type of song that I can imagine playing in a movie behind some prepubescent kid's first kiss with his lifelong crush at the beach before going for a surf, with the sun shining, birds singing etc etc. In other words, it's summer in a song, it's bliss. I guess it makes a whole lot of sense seeing as Bundick produced it. Mead's debut LP Sunday Dinner is set to be released February 24.

11 January 2015


Have been revisiting the soundcloud of RY X lately. Still unable to get over how good he is. Seriously though. It's like listening to Bon Iver's For Emma minus the log cabin feel, but plus some amazing production and equally good falsetto. Yes, Justin Vernon good!

Ticking all the boxes. 
Strongly recommend. 

Here is his latest release.


I recently came back from a month long trip, that regretfully included a 50 plus hour transit session (not an exaggeration). However there was hope when I found that Ta-Ku had joined with Cereal to create a 40 minute travel mix. 'Flight Track Vol. 1' is a one-of-a-kind "soundtrack to your travels".

“I feel both myself and cereal are very passionate about travel and seeing the world. It fulfils the soul and I hope this playlist intensifies or at the least accompanies you on your journey” – Ta-ku  

10 January 2015


It's been over 2 years since we experienced Shrines and only a month ago did Purity Ring release something new. 'Push Pull' is the track leading the way for their 2015 release. And seeing as it is following up their works with Danny Brown and Jon Hopkins, you know it's going to be worth the listen (and watch).