11 April 2016


Ry Cuming, the Aussie-born, LA-based artist known as RY X, is leading up to the May release of his debut solo album Dawn. We are pretty stoked to hear it based on listening to the first two releases: 'Only' and 'Deliverance'. They are both brilliant, stand-alone tracks so it will be pretty incredible getting a full album's worth soon. 

You can watch the colour-stained, piece of art, that is the music video for 'Only' below too. 
This man can do no wrong!


After releasing two stellar EPs last year, Daniel Caesar is back with new music and has also announced a concert on April 15.

The Toronto artist told Fader that the new track 'Won’t Live Here' "is about me trying to be the man my woman needs me to be... I’m not perfect and the fact that I never will be troubles me. Over time it's become something of a cruel ironic joke and I’m the butt of it: sometimes you’re the transgressor and other times you’re the victim. Now every time I hear the song I feel pain. I’m working on using it as fuel for my advancement."

It is a stripped-down, vulnerable and wonderful piece of work. HD is excited to see what else 2016 has to offer for Caesar.

08 April 2016


Cheers to dream collabs like Kaytranada and Anderson .Paak
Cheers to dreamy 'Glowed Up' visuals below. 
And Cheers to that switch up at 3.08 mins.

05 April 2016


Minneapolis producer, Alec Ness, apparently used sounds from a recording of his neighbourhood to build his track 'With You'. It's minimalist, it's eerie, it sounds a little like The XX, and it features Pink Fog.

01 April 2016


A little while ago marked the 20th anniversary of Bjork's "Hyperballad" release. For whatever reason, I was never a real fan - until now. To commemorate the milestone Melbourne artist, Ben Abraham got with Tim Shiel and Luke Howard to create two distinct covers of the track.

I approached some friends of mine to help me work on a cover of “Hyperballad” to celebrate the anniversary—composer Luke Howard and producer Tim Shiel. We emerged with two very beautiful versions... I love how Luke’s lush string arrangement, with his subtle electronic instrumentation, highlights the timelessness of Björk’s writing and that Tim’s remix shows how compelling and fresh the song feels in today’s musical landscape. It’s daunting to cover such a celebrated work, but here we are with the utmost respect, and we hope you like it. 
- Howard