30 September 2014


Wedidit pals RL Grime and How To Dress Well have released a killer track. 'Reminder' is everything you want from Tom Krell's voice and RL Grimes' grimes(?). It's a definite head bopper.


I am really enjoying White Room Records' newest project Pearl and their first single 'I Know'. Both the music video and Dpat's remix take this song to the next level, and very different levels at that. 


The Queen is releasing again!* Aretha 'Queen of Soul' Franklin 'Sings the Great Diva Classics' as her new album (to be released Oct 21). Have a listen to the first single; it's Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'. My God she is good. I love her. 

*Fan-girl hard

29 September 2014


Danced the night away with Shlohmo at a festival after party. All of the yes. To get a feel for what he does just revisit his Boiler Room set. It is definitely an all times favourite.

PS If you missed the train, trade your email for a download the Shlohmo/Jeremih EP here.

28 September 2014


Ab-soul's new track is some sort of country-soul hybrid. 'W.W.S.D.' is another hip hop turnaround sampling a classic, this time Jackson Browne. Very different for Ab Soul but I think I like different.

25 September 2014


A new Ibeyi track was released. It's all about the smooth, creamy Peruvian percussion in this one.

24 September 2014


I love this guy. Absolute genius. Complete joy. Pogo remixes and samples Disney. Yes Disney on film and oh so wonderful in your ears. Change your day into a happier day and watch 'The Trouble' feat. Alice, Mary, Ariel, Wendy, Peter and Aladdin. :)

And for something a bit different check out what he did with The Fresh Prince!


Does Kendrick have a something to say about peace in the gang world? Check out his Isley Brothers sampled new single that has the world talking.

22 September 2014


The trajectory of this mix is epic. I cannot recommend the listen enough. Kloke Mix #4 is beyond words.

21 September 2014


This is all I have to say about the stupid Spring/Winter mood swings of West Coast Aus:

20 September 2014


Beer-tasting, balcony-lazing , star-gazing, procrastinate-ing tunes. Cheers to the warm nights and to BINGE number 8.


This song was my morning. First sleep-in in forever, sun shining through the blinds, great times last night, buried in all of the sheets, and 'Beach'. Perfection.

19 September 2014


Had a surprise discovery the other day. Was listening The Zombies and got to their song 'Time of the Season' and without realising began singing along. Same words but different tune.. Got me real confused until I finally figured out that Miguel sings this at the end of his track 'Don't Look Back'! I love seeing contemporary artists revisiting the old days. So much respect.

18 September 2014


Thoroughly enjoyed getting through my long day in front of a screen to a Walshy Fire and Fully Focus mix. Dancehall all day is a good day. 


With her album due out next month, Seinabo Sey is peaking. 'Pistols at Dawn' is everything you want in a dramatic soulful song. I definitely becoming more and more of a fan of hers; easy peasy.

17 September 2014


SBTRKT has released another track of his next album. This one feature's the lead singer from Chairlift, Caroline Polachek. Its so much weirder than his older stuff with Jessie Ware - and that makes me nervous because I loved that stuff. It's even weirder when you listen to the song via the interactive website. mm yeh..


Have a listen to this brilliant London newcomer! Jones' "Deep" is giving me similar feels to  when Mapei's first single came out; so you know she is going to do good things.

16 September 2014


Mr Jamie Foxx is back in the game. 'Party Ain't a Party' features 2 Chainz over a Dj Mustard beat. Its all alliteration and auto tune and way too much talk of ass'.

15 September 2014


Having to chain myself to a computer this week I'm super glad that the Amsterdam boys from Wavefiles have released their first Podcast featuring Moods, Sojuju and Lantei. Perfect length to get me through to my next class...


MEG MAC EP. She is making magic happen in my ears. YES PLEASE THANK YOU. 

12 September 2014


Chaz Bundick (aka Toro Y Moi) has released the first music video from his new dance project Les Sins. I am definitely looking forward to the album's release in November. It is arguably a perfect Friday night opener - note the inflatable arm waving guys.


This haunting, self-directed video was released by Boots yesterday. It all kicks off 3 minutes in.

10 September 2014


Another James Vincent McMorrow remix. All of the yes to this one by Atu:

09 September 2014


A little bit different to is older stuff and his colabs with Shlohmo, this new Jeremih track is all about the cheese and WYLN have made it oh so sunny.


Meg Mac's single off of her debut album is man oh man so so good. I just wanna crawl up all in that vibe - a little bit of the vocals remind me of Blackstreet..

08 September 2014


Covering Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' was FKA Twigs at BBC Live Lounge last week. Its a little bizarre but very much her own style.


"Action Bronson heads off on an acid fuelled quest across the desert to retrieve a sacred guitar and shred on into the night" (Monster Children)


Easily one of my favourite bands since their 2006 'Robbers and Cowards', Cold War Kids are still bringing out bangers. Here is their latest.

06 September 2014


I cannot say how much I have been loving Mac Miller's Faces mixtape (legit my favourite hip hop release of the year) and now there's this.  LA street party to 'Diablo'. The man loves cupcakes!

05 September 2014


No way is this girl only 13! Willow Smith is years ahead of her time and following in the Prince's footsteps. Here is her King Krule cover:


The Kanye West is currently only a couple of blocks from my house in concert. I don't have a ticket. I am trying to make myself feel better by watching his recent Made In America set. It's great. He still sounds way better in the studio (and in tune) then on stage though. That definitely makes me feel better.

04 September 2014


Finishing up their Reflektor tour, Arcade Fire has released an album of all the covers they performed live. Throughout the 74 dates a total of 35 covers were played! Most only once with 'Controversy' by Prince hitting 6 plays. I think this is pretty damn cool; except for them not knowing the words to 'Chiquitita', lol.

03 September 2014


A friend's band just released their first music video to their single 'She Runs'. If you are a sucker for the vocals (like me) check out the solo works of Steve Bailey on Soundcloud.

02 September 2014


Since peaking at being JJJ's newest Unearthed kid, Japanese Wallpaper has released some more new stuff. Brilliant as always.


A week after releasing the clip to 'Often', The Weeknd has 'King of the Fall' sorted too. Apparently this is the old loft that inspired his 2011/12 Trilogy. Trilogy kills this new stuff though.