30 November 2014


New single has been released by Perth friends Anna O. 'Symphony' is a little different from their previous sounds - I would say, more mature? Anywho I like it. I think I like it more than the pop direction that their EP was heading. They are definitely ones to look out for.


Frankie's back baby! 
New Frank Ocean heck yeah.

It has been awhile since Channel Orange and Ocean deciding against live shows in his future. He has taken the change another step further... 'Memrise' is so different to any of his old tracks. It has me excited to see what is coming up. Bated breath.

27 November 2014


I have always loved JMSN, especially his Jamie-Cullen-esque voice. However, the gloriousness that is JMSN has be joined with Freddie Gibbs in his new track 'Street Sweeper'! Its is such an effortless listen which of course demonstrates the talent of both artists. 

'Street Sweeper' is the first released single off of JMSN's Blue Album coming out Dec 9. 

26 November 2014


I have always loved Hype Machine - it's a one-stop-shop for music blogger chat and posts. Never thought Hungry Drums would make it into the club though! Come find/follow me.

"We've carefully handpicked a set of 885 music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery. This way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high"

That's right - they called me awesome. I am a little bit chuffed. 
Thanks new Brooklyn friends!


London based Aussie, Joseph Salvat, has pulled band The Temper Trap out of the woodwork. They recently remixed Salvat's 'Every Night' which is BIG thing seeing as the only music they have released in the last 3 or so years has been acoustics and their own songs remixed! 

Have a listen to the grand, synth-driven, Salvat remix along with it's original below - Here's hoping for more from TTT soon.

25 November 2014


Been brewing the latest BINGE# for a while, seeing as it is the 10th and a lot of good music helped me get through exams, BINGE #10 is a Double Feature! 

This one is extra good. It starts off with an old classic D'Angelo remix that I just can't get enough of, and will have you getting down real fast. Moving onto a mash-up between Kanye and Sam Smith that I'm really excited about, a Miguel feature and Mar Music standout. There is also some new tracks from Drake, Michael Uzomuru and Submotion Orchestra lined up. And be sure to keep a listen out for new finds JOY. and Bishop Nehru. And then some.

This BINGE# has me welcoming in the holidays at last. Double the time and DEFINITELY double the fun.


I am currently spending this very sunny day writing up work reports and streaming Mogwai's new EP Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1. It is a bit if a hybrid release of a remixes and session records from their 2014 Rave Tapes  album. 6 songs long will definitely leave you wanting more but will sure scratch the itch. If you are still hungry, check out their full set for Pitchfork's music festival in Paris a couple of days ago.

21 November 2014


Don't know much about Brae Leni, but what I do know is that his sound is good and anyone that can cover The Temptations as well as he can deserves the support and listens. God only knows why Leni hasn't been signed yet! 

I sure do love that Motown/Soul is making a come back.

20 November 2014


Released yesterday was the collaboration EP of Melbourne producer Chiefs and vocalist Nick Acquroff. They made their mark this time last year with the killer track 'Stay' (watch below) and was featured on BINGE #1 - now we have a whole EP if that vibe.

I would say that Inside Out EP is a little bit Hudson Mohawke, Ta-ku and Chet Faker (Built on Glass) and easily demonstrates the talent of Australian producers going around today. 

Definitely worth the listen. 


Ahead of the Dec 2 release of The London Session, Mary J. Blige has shared a couple of the tracks. First there was her collaboration with Disclosure 'Right Now', which to be honest, I thought was a little 'meh' (shocking right?!) but then came a powerhouse of a track. Enter Jason Napier and Sam Smith's co-written masterpiece of 'Not Loving You'. The track so clearly highlights the magnificence that is Blige's voice. Classic musicality magic. Wow.

19 November 2014


Self-tagged as 'Not RnB'/'Glitter Trap', SZA's new track, no matter what the tag, is absolutely on point.

Produced by Flying Lotus pal Thundercat 'Sobriety', SZA deals with a whole lot of parental stress and pressure repeating "Ima be fine anyway / Ima be cool, Ima keep calm / Ima be right anyway/ Better than you / Better than her". Heavy stuff but goes down so smooth.

The lucky duck even gets to tour with Jhene Aiko and The Internet over the next couple of months AND has done a wicked Marvin Gaye (my hero) sample track.

16 November 2014


Not too sure who Eastside is, but to do a mash up cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Don't' and Chris Brown's 'Loyal' sure is ballzee. 'Ellie' hit the next level with a remix by Win & Woo, without being too EDM if you know what I mean. This is definitely a track that gets you double-taking and paying attention to the lyrics. It sure is a sit-up-and-listen track.

14 November 2014


A work friend recently got me hooked on Daptone Records. Everything is gold. No joke. Pure joy.

My latest favourite is one by Bob & Gene with The Inversions produced by Ticklah. 'I Can't Stand These Lonely Nights' is timeless, heartfelt and so full of life that it woke me up during the Friday afternoon lull at work. Yes definitely pure joy.


Jones is on the up. The Londoner teamed up with A. K. Paul (Jai Paul's bro) to create this masterpiece of a track. A big shout out goes to those raw percussion elements giving the airy almost echo-y song an extra dimension.


Check out this crazy flip of Jeremih's 'Don't Tell Em' by Lorde in BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge yesterday. I like that she smiles while singing the chorus :) Be sure to have a listen to the original too.

12 November 2014


'Uptown Funk' is a killer track that is all funk-dance-jamesbrownesque-claps-horns and of course the incredible talent of both Mark Ronson AND Bruno Mars. I'm not gonna lie, this is a definite chart topper. However it certainly is a chart topper with heart, soul and a whole lot o' groove.


Ahead of his December 9 album release, Ghostface Killah has let loose the single. 'Love Don't Live Here No More' is a laid-back and very smooth track for the upcoming 36 Seasons which sees the rapper as a "Staten Island vigilante inspired by a quest for personal retribution and bent on saving his community from the grips of crooked authority and urban decay". Sounds good to me Mr Ghostface 'Superhero' Killah.

09 November 2014


Gee wiz, this girl is really something. Olivia McCarthy aka JOY. is the 17 year old alternative producer that has covered the hell out of Drake's 'Marvin's Room'. And with a a saxophone too. It has to be the most unique/creative and well-executed Drake cover I have heard. I have no words - just respect.


Domo Genesis needs to be recognised as an Odd Future crew member no longer sitting in the background. Under The Influence 2 is the sequel to his 2011 mixtape and sees Domo alongside Mac Miller, IAMSU, Tay Walker, SAP, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain. I really enjoy 'Follow Me'. Have a listen below.

08 November 2014


Earl Sweatshirt has released a short track produced by Alchemist. Is there more coming?! I'm excited. Doris was just so so good and in my opinion the only guy to come close this year has been Mac Miller. I can't wait for the next release Mr Sweatshirt.

07 November 2014


Azealia Banks has surprise-dropped again. This time it's her new album. Broke With Expensive Taste was originally set for release mid 2012 - it's a good thing she split with Universal and is finally going her own way! Grab the full album here or listen to the Sampler below.

06 November 2014


Check out the fourth installment of Ta-Ku's Drive Slow, Homie mixes. I may not of driven this one home but it sure did get me to the end of the late shift last night.

"The return of the DSH series has arrived. Nothing's changed. Still all about those songs that make you want to circle the block a few more times before getting out. Thanks for all the love and support."

05 November 2014


Theophilus London has made everyone excited about being creative. He recently released the Kanye-produced, Lagerfeld-inspired album Vibes, and now a music video for the single 'Tribe' featuring Jesse Boykins III. At first listen to the album, I didn't quite 'get' it - I certainly didn't not enjoy it, I just didn't understand what he was going for. However, after watching this clip, Mr London makes a lot of sense now. He is a genius music-fashion-dance amalgamation, and his music needs to be listened to in that context.

“I want my music and the fashion to be inspired by one another... Why do they have to be separate? I make my music to live in other places. I make it for film directors, for artists. When I’m creating, the end result’s always supposed to inspire other creators.”


After the enlightenment that was 'Africa is the Future' I revisited a couple of the stand out tracks. 'Dangerous Love' has got to be my favourite. 

Fuse ODG teamed up with Jamaican god Sean Paul to mix up a bit of afrobeats with dancehall, flavoured with UK hip hop - something so delicious sounding needs to be shared with all of the people (you like) this summer.

03 November 2014


I quite often burst out into song. It probably has a little something to do with my dad. Some nights we would dance and sing 'Fly Me To The Moon' around my bedroom. I can confidently say we produced more of a 60s Frank Sinatra than 50s Kay Ballard vibe - it was probably something to do with our natural jazz sway and trumpet solo flare.

A part from being an obvious childhood (and all time) favourite, Dirty Science's Choosey has revamped the classic with help of genius producer Exile. They seem to have done the track justice, producing a very much repeatable swing-soul-groove-hop track. 'Fly Me To The Moon' was released as the single of Choosey's october-fresh Left Field album - well worth the listen.