12 December 2015


I love seeing humble Aussie artists getting the great recognition the deserve, and especially when that recognition comes from the opposite side of the globe. Ben Abraham has been sitting on his faultless track "Speak" for over 4 years - it's linked below. Now, alongside the UK Mahogany Session gods, he has just recorded a stunning video of his this masterpiece.

His talent is absolutely beautiful, it is impossible to not become an immediate fan. 

07 December 2015


If you live in Australia like I do, you will have noticed the heat. Things are getting hot and sticky, like Decembers do, and it is glorious. Perhaps you're not a fan, if that is the case I urge you to listen to tracks below. They will get you in the mood for more than just summer. 

Syd tha kid is becoming a force to be reckoned with. The Internet is going from strength to strength ("Girl" is wicked) and her solo stuff is just ahhhhh. Likewise, with the consistent goods produced by Mar, "Karmasutra" is everything you want: proper good feels.

Here's to sweaty summertime hanky panky.

05 December 2015


The other day I found myself in a bit of a heated discussion about the best in hip hop today. Alex Wiley and Chance the Rapper were two names that I defended. HD is a major fan, and has been for a long time. Time to get onboard friends. Chicago is way up.

04 December 2015


Dear HD pals,

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt apology for being inexcusably vacant for the last (more than) 2 months. I hope you have been well and have hunted down some musical gems without me. Feel free to comment any big tunes I have missed during the hibernation!

And that brings me to my second thought. It seems that even whilst chilling on a deserted Indonesian island with two irrelevant degrees done and dusted, all I have been craving is good new musics (and an icy cool young coconut too, mind you). You know you have a problem/addiction when surfing at some of the best and isolated surf spots in the world with some of your loosest friends is not a priority. Poolside, mojito in hand and headphones in head is becoming the real holiday goals. Maybe that is lame, but I think I am ok with that.

Another thing I am ok with: two friends making music together. Old Perth pals Simeon Nelson and BUXXX casually releasing tunes is actually the reason HD does what it does. Friends sharing music, music making friends. I have linked their short-ass "The 5 Hour Beat" below and will be eagerly awaiting more from you two!

Sorry about the mass introspection dialogue above. I have missed this. But for now, no more talking, just listening.

Love HD.