26 April 2014


Baths' new release ahead of his third album is more of his morbid electronic pop. Much to my dismay, it doesn't sound like he will be revisiting his Cerulean days anytime soon. I should've taken the hint when he didn't play 'Animals' at his Bakery show last month. :(

"A small part of Ocean Death was recorded in a hotel room in Spain, but it was mostly done at a friend's home in LA, the place where Obsidian was completed. Both records traverse similar terrain: morbid lyricism, direct vocal melodies, a felicity in subsuming electronic experiments into pop songs. It's about death, apathy, and loneliness. It sounds like a final love letter to a chapter of life that has already ended -- and maybe it has. Songs are currently being theorized for a third full-length, and the direction is vastly different."