05 October 2014


Enter the rebelling/uncompromising son of a gospel singer - Daniel Caesar. Listen close because this one is jam packed!

  1. Titled Praise Break as a reference to Caesar's religious upbringing and literal break from the Church
  2. Track 3 'Chevalier samples good ol' James Vincent McMorrow's 'Cavalier'
  3. On Track 4 & 5: "Last winter I saw the movie Casablanca for the first time. As soon as I heard Humphrey Bogart say in his iconic voice, 'We'll always have Paris', I paused the movie, grabbed my guitar and wrote 'Paris'. The Casablanca skit is meant to be an introduction to Paris, and we laid the into to Jeff Buckley's 'The Last Goodbye' overtop".
  4. Pseudo us inspired by Pink Floyd's track 'Time' as The Dark Side of the Moon was his childhood favourite record.
  5. The 'Violet' music video, about Caesar's first love, is out to watch below.

There is something about choral vocals and soulful rnb that makes me warm and fuzzy. Hello new favourite.