26 March 2015


These two tracks deserve so much more than a special mention. They are my latest favourite remix/mashups:

Firstly, the clever mashup kids Win & Woo have perfectly mashed R Kelly's 'Ignition' (mmmmm) with Miguel's 'Do You' (aw yeah). Not only that, but the thing is a cover by Phoebe Ryan! It's almost like they the two RnB gods are meant to be together. Actually an R Kelly/Miguel collaboration would be incredible! Could we get someone to make that happen? Dreams coming true.

Secondly we have MNEK's refix of Vanessa Carlton's classic pop anthem 'A Thousand Miles'. You will know all of the words and then some. Not only does he get you dancing but you suddenly realise he has sandwiched in there 'Love Shack'. Yes you read right. The B-freaking-52s LOVE SHACK. It's pretty much my 5 years in an all girls high school summed up in 3.51 minutes.

You're welcome.