04 December 2015


Dear HD pals,

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt apology for being inexcusably vacant for the last (more than) 2 months. I hope you have been well and have hunted down some musical gems without me. Feel free to comment any big tunes I have missed during the hibernation!

And that brings me to my second thought. It seems that even whilst chilling on a deserted Indonesian island with two irrelevant degrees done and dusted, all I have been craving is good new musics (and an icy cool young coconut too, mind you). You know you have a problem/addiction when surfing at some of the best and isolated surf spots in the world with some of your loosest friends is not a priority. Poolside, mojito in hand and headphones in head is becoming the real holiday goals. Maybe that is lame, but I think I am ok with that.

Another thing I am ok with: two friends making music together. Old Perth pals Simeon Nelson and BUXXX casually releasing tunes is actually the reason HD does what it does. Friends sharing music, music making friends. I have linked their short-ass "The 5 Hour Beat" below and will be eagerly awaiting more from you two!

Sorry about the mass introspection dialogue above. I have missed this. But for now, no more talking, just listening.

Love HD.