24 March 2016


15 tracks for BINGE #15!

This one is notably more chilled out than most of the other BINGEs we have done - maybe because it subconsciously reflects the sugar high transition to absolute chill out session that this weekend will be, it is Easter after all and HD is NOT one for turning down chocolatey eggs.

The full playlist from our Soundcloud is above but below are some special mentions to look forward to in your listen:

--> Looking forward to JMSN's album being released May 6th, and if 'Cruel Intentions' is anything to go by, it is going to be GLORIOUS.

--> When Tom Misch and Carmody team up it is always magic. Thanks for another jazzy time you two.

--> Here's to the Aussies that are killing it right now - Cosmo's Midnight and Kucka we are loving your work. This one is remixed by KOA, and some are saying it is better than the original.

--> The genius goddess that is Chelsea Cutler, has covered and reworked Kendrick Lamar, Kali Uchis and Oshi tracks so damn well. Chelsea, if you're read this, let's be friends.

--> Winter Skin are fairly unknown in the soundcloud/blogosphere world, but I am really liking the production of the track 'Know Better'. Thanks for sharing guys!

--> Love absolutely everything coming from Christian Jalon. She has just released a bunch of collabs on her soundcloud but 'Vibes' with Lexi Monee is a standout.