07 October 2016


Every now and then, if you're are lucky, you will wander across some real solid remixes. The originals are wonderful enough but if done well, the remix can be a whole new stand alone track. Here three of those:

--> 'Can I Kick It?' really doesn't need any help and yet Rhythm Scholar has reemerged to give us a remix of Tribe's track. His rework loves on the flow and brings out a whole new level of chill.

--> I recently shared dvsn's rework of Marvin Gaye's 'Get It On' and I am so grateful that the Toronoto duo back at it again - this time with a Frank Ocean masterpiece.

--> And finally, krs has breathed a whole new life of calypso into Rihanna's 'Needed Me'. Yesssssss.

Keep 'em coming friends.