07 January 2017


HD's REMIX RUMBLE is all about those recent remix/cover/rework/edit's that we have enjoyed way too much to not share. As we will begin to regularly post RxRumbles like this one, we will also be building up our Rumble playlist. Have a listen to all of the latest below (plus previous RUMBLES) on our newest Playlist: APPLE CRUMBLE REMIX RUMBLE.

--> Props to H.E.R. for remixing Rihanna's 'Yeah I Said It' from her 2016 ANTi album.

--> This short but damn-sweet Swelly track churning on A$AP Rocky's 'Goldie' hook.

--> We know it is controversial to say, but pretty sure we like J-Louis' remix of Abhi and Dijon's 'Twelve' more than the original!

--> Feel like mixing classic early 00's RnB with modern day electronic production? Yes and thank you Kaytranada for your edit of Latrelle's 2002 single 'House Party'. 

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